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Benefits of a workplace that promotes wellness

Abbi Mullan

When first I began my job search in the UAE, finding a company that promoted personal wellness and fitness in the workplace was a priority.

My love for fitness started after I attended my first gymnastics session at six. My active lifestyle came to a major halt after a bunion surgery ten years later.

Turning sixteen, yet feeling very much sixty, was a pivotal moment in my life. I realised how important it was to look after my wellness and I guess that's when my passion for all things healthy was reignited.

Moving from the UK to Dubai almost four years ago opened up a whole world of fun fitness activities for me.

 I mean, who doesn’t want to spend their Fridays showcasing their (lack of) volleyball skills at the beach, or trying not to fall in the water while stand-up paddleboarding next to the über-famous (and very beautiful) Burj Al Arab?

That’s why when searching for a job out here, I wanted to ensure I had enough hours in the day to both work, and workout.

And, you can just imagine my delight after being offered the role of Content Editor at the ENTERTAINER - as part of an energetic, creative Digital Marketing team.


What has working for a company that promotes wellness brought to my life, and the vibe at the office?


1. Camaraderie

Each year, everyone – and I mean everyone – is encouraged to take part in the Annual Roy Nasr Triathlon. Even if it's just one leg.

Of course, as expected, most of us are not all daring enough to volunteer immediately but we get our inspiration from the ENTERTAINER’s founder herself, Donna Benton.

Donna has this incredible knack of reassuring even the most fearful (including myself) that it will all be okay. Then all of a sudden, you find yourself agreeing to swim 750m, and once your name is on that list, there's no turning back! But what a fabulous way to encourage people to step outside of their comfort zones.

Would I have thought about participating in a triathlon pre-the ENTERTAINER? Definitely not. Am I extremely happy that I took part without passing out? Absolutely!

2. Gym buddies for life

When I joined the ENTERTAINER, I was welcomed by many like-minded colleagues, who have not only become my friends, but also my gym buddies, too.

After some convincing from one of my eager colleagues, I decided to run morning HIIT sessions for a few of the ladies at the office using the gym facilities in our new building.

With a gym just one floor down, it’s the perfect opportunity to start the day by getting those endorphins flowing.

The only challenge now, since moving into our new 21,000 sq ft office, is making my way around when my muscles are seriously aching. It can, at times, be too painful to go in search of a colleague on the other side of the building!


3. A positive work environment

Not only are we often treated to fresh, beautiful breakfasts courtesy of superb suppliers (and HR’s organisation), the whole team are also invited to get together for huge sporting events, including the fairly recent McGregor vs Mayweather fight.

In 2017, we even had our very own ENTERTAINER global bowling tournament!

Such occasions bring enormous spirit to the whole team – there’s nothing better, or more beneficial, than working within such a positive environment.

Having said all that, I must admit, the best thing about working for the ENTERTAINER, and attempting to lead a healthy(ish) lifestyle, is getting a free VIP key to unlock the fitness offers on the ENTERTAINER app. I use the App to receive 50% off all fitness classes (not to mention the two for one offers on main courses at some of our fav organic restaurants).


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