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What Can Brands Learn From Social Media Influencers?

Yolandi Otto

As part of the ENTERTAINER marketing team, based in South Africa, I’m able to work closely with bloggers, which means that I get access to all the handy tricks they’ve got up their sleeves.

I’ve attended numerous events where I’ve encountered the millennial species known as Social Media Influencers, and I must tell you, they’re on to something.




One event that truly stood out for me was the #CTCCX2017 event hosted by Meg Sproat, the blogger behind Boring Cape Town Chick. This is an annual occasion, hosted for all the hottest bloggers and influencers in the city. And what I’ve gathered from attending these kind of events is that brands can learn a lot from the attendees.




Here are the top 5 things that I believe brands can learn from social media influencers:


  1. Have a unified look and feel on social media

The importance of this one can easily be overlooked as it’s tough for a brand (especially if you’re an international brand) to stick to a specific aesthetic on social. This is what you’re communicating to the outside world, so it’s quite crucial – and there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Your content should be what people are looking for when scrolling, so on Instagram, for instance, your content needs to stand out in order to make the viewer stop, read the caption and double tap. But it should also be on-brand and convey whatever message you need to convey, clearly and to the point.




  1. Consistency and quality are key

Remember, you want to make an impact on your followers or any prospective followers. So, this means that you must give them something to like every now and then. You won’t be able to get away with 1 post day, unfortunately. So, you’ll need to plan how often you’re going to be active on your platforms and stick to it. This point also reiterates that you’ll have to stick to your look and feel. You can’t chop and change as you want. And, lastly, it actually goes without saying that the quality of the product you offer your followers should be up to standard.


  1. Be open to collaborating with others in your field

This is a new trend that’s rising to the surface more and more lately. People, brands, artists – everyone is collaborating to gain a bigger following or reach in return. And in this industry, it’s important to make friends rather than enemies as you’ll never know when you’ll need their help (or when they’ll need yours). Just think how much fun it could be!




  1. Stay ahead of digital trends

You’d think that this one would be obvious, but not always. If a brand is not on top of the latest Insta updates (for instance), their followers will start wondering why they never see their favourite brand popping up on their Insta Stories. This is something social media influencers are very good at – they make sure that they are the very first to show that they know how to use new tools.




  1. Last but not least, use events to mingle / network / gather information

Call it what you want, but the best way to get insider info comes down to the fact that you must be willing to participate in small talk. This is where you’ll learn what other brands are doing at the moment, what you should / should not be doing, what the current trends are and, most importantly, where you get the chance to tell people what your business is all about. And the last point is quite an important one, I’d say!




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