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We Are ENTERTAINER: Meet Oscar


Meet Oscar, our Head of Marketing - Travel - with an insatiable appetite for wanderlust. "I've lived in 6 countries, worked in 4 and worked alongside 60+ nationalities throughout my career. Despite this, the ENTERTAINER is still one of the most diverse companies I've ever been in!"


Hey Oscar! So tell us, what's your role at the ENTERTAINER?

I currently lead the marketing for the Travel vertical of the business. That means leading the B2C marketing strategy and working with the consumer marketing team and the creative team for its execution.

I also support the B2B marketing team with any requests from their clients that are currently using one of our solutions.


Did you start in this role or did you take a specific career path to get here?

I started as an intern in political campaigns, and worked with human rights NGOs back home, worked my way through film production companies as a camera assistant (yes, you have to pick up and handle ALL the cables for the crew) and then moved into strategic marketing working in both the agency and client side! (phew)

Tell us a little bit more about what's it like to work in the Travel division of the ENTERTAINER?

It's so much fun and challenging at the same time.

the ENTERTAINER travel team

We work closely with many stakeholders in the ENTERTAINER, which encourages us to constantly push, transform and lead change(s) in the organization.

The Travel team is very diverse and relatively small, so we get to share every day in a very close manner. We try to get together out of the office as a team at least once a month to 'recharge the batteries'.


What is the Future for Travel in the ENTERTAINER?

Well, we've launched (drum-roll please)...

The newest version of our global closed-membership booking engine! We've worked incredibly hard on securing awesome 2-for-1 offers and 60% discounts in over 500,000 hotels worldwide, as well as working on the in-destination front with fantastic partners such as Emirates Skywards, Visa, Travelex and Wego to name few.

The next natural move for us looks into geographical expansion and further product development.

We want to drive growth for the ENTERTAINER by entering in as many markets of influence as possible, at the same time as making our product more robust. This includes adding flights, packaging possibilities and of course, sourcing the best hotels - big and small- around the globe.

What does a normal day at work look like?

There's a lot of creative fire which we incorporate in all decisions, from admin to strategy.  We have to plan out with the rest of the marketing team, what would be the best way to capture our App-members' attention and serve them the coolest, most inspiring and relevant content with the most attractive deals out there.

At the same time, I work closely with the sourcing, data and product teams to swim in our data and make the right choices.

Apart from that is all emails, meetings, and lots of good coffee 😜

What's the culture of your team?

the ENTERTAINER travel teamthe ENTERTAINER travel team


What Inspires You?

Gratitude. 100%. Not taking anything or anyone for granted.
Waiting for my son, due to be born in November this year.

Outside of the ENTERTAINER, what do you get up to?

I love coffee (everyone in the ENTERTAINER knows) and I'm a coffee entrepreneur. I'm also a professional specialty coffee roaster, so I'm always experimenting and researching what's going to be my next product and how can I blow my customer's minds away.

The coffee industry can teach us a lot in terms of accountability, trace-ability and resilience, and I love that.


Oscar Motta Quintana - coffee - the ENTERTAINER


Oscar Motta Quintana - coffee - the ENTERTAINER


Oscar Motta Quintana - coffee - the ENTERTAINER


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