From analogue to digital

This article was originally written and published by Arabian Business
20 November 2017

How Is the ENTERTAINER Using Technology To Build Audiences?

How an analogue brand transformed into a digital-first business with cutting-edge B2B data analysis tools

Dubai, 20 November 2017: There are long-time Dubai residents who know the ENTERTAINER solely for its two-for-one offers that allow them to get a discount on their brunch or spa treatment. Most contemporary residents will, by now, know it as an app that still provides the same offers, but with all the add-ons you would expect from an advanced mobile platform in 2017.

What many consumers may not know is how the ENTERTAINER has transformed itself completely in recent years to become an e-business that can help other companies understand and better serve their customers.

Chief Information Officer at the ENTERTAINER, David Ashford, tells Arabian Business how, for the last two years, the Dubai-based firm has been tapping into its rich data reserves to help companies predict customer habits and influence their behaviour. Based out of their Arabesque-domed Arjaan Rotana offices in Dubai Media City, Ashford says their decision to expand from a Business to Customer (B2C) to a Business to Business (B2B) company was a very logical progression.

Chief Information Officer at the ENTERTAINER, David Ashford

From analogue to digital

The ENTERTAINER was founded in 2001 by Donna Benton, based on the simple idea of ‘buy one get one free’ offers. Though it was a very successful formula, Benton and her team had bigger ideas about how to take the concept into the digital era.

In 2012, the Abraaj Group acquired a 50 percent stake in the business. This allowed the company to speed up its growth in two key areas — global expansion and the development of its app and digital platform. The plan was to leverage technology to gather data to make smarter decisions, aid the user, and allow the business to scale much more effectively.


About the ENTERTAINER business

The ENTERTAINER business is a global loyalty, rewards and engagement programme provider that delivers easy-to-use, and cost-effective, solutions designed to meet the specific needs of any partner. Through our bespoke mobile phone app solutions, we provide businesses the ability to connect with their employees while being a part of an exclusive and extensive global network.