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The ENTERTAINER launches new in-destination travel app

Dubai, 7 August 2017 – The ENTERTAINER, a leading provider of ‘buy one get one free’ offers, today announced the launch of its new B2B travel app, ‘ENTERTAINER go’.

The launch of ‘ENTERTAINER go’ comes as part of the company’s plans to broadly expand their travel offerings and ever-growing global footprint.

Available in over 160 destinations worldwide, the App is the ultimate travel companion, accommodating a traveller’s every need. It serves as a personalised travel guide, with offline features such as a trip planner, guidebook and maps.

The platform’s intuitive ticket booking engine offers quick and straightforward access to 27,000 top attractions and 7,500 points of interest, and includes 2-for-1 offers at well-known dining, leisure, spa and entertainment brands.

Donna Benton, the founder and chairman of the ENTERTAINER says, “We are fast becoming a trailblazer in the travel space and have found success in our constant efforts to innovate our technology. We work hard to ensure that we can provide extremely compelling B2B solutions for all our corporate clients and this time is no different.”

While ‘ENTERTAINER go’ serves as a travel App for the end user, companies can use the technology to better engage their customers while on the road by offering them rewards and special offers in real-time through push notifications or on the platform’s sophisticated advertising space.

Head of Travel at the ENTERTAINER, Robert Meza says, “We aim to provide a cutting edge travel platform to help brands engage and delight their customers while they visit their favorite destinations.”

Meza explains that the App opens a direct line of communication between businesses and their consumers.

“Businesses can use the app as a tool to accumulate data on how their customers choose to travel, from location specific data to redemption behaviour. This information can be used by companies to create and improve on their marketing strategies, increase customer retention, and enhance their customers’ future destination experiences.”

Vacations and business trips become even more extraordinary, effortless and cost-effective as users of the app can add desired stops to their day planners, and have access to local knowledge and money saving offers entirely at their own convenience.

The app is fully customisable and may be white labelled, cobranded or even embedded into any businesses’ existing app.


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