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5 Things Your Brand Should Avoid Doing On Facebook In 2018

Facebook recently announced that it’s changing the news feed to encourage conversations and connections rather than brand pages. If you’re a business owner only now heading to Facebook to claim your territory, or even if you’re one who’s been there for a while, this might have left you asking whether or not Facebook can still benefit your business?

The answer is still yes.

Firstly, note that brand “page posts will still appear in News Feed, though there may be fewer of them”. This was according to Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed at Facebook. The platform will prioritise posts that trigger comments, discussions and meaningful interactions between people. Thus, the amount of people who react to, comment on or share posts will determine how high they appear in News Feed.

Brands will have to be wiser with their content choices and avoid most common Facebook mistakes.

Here are 5 things not to do on your Facebook pages in 2018:

Quantity is not key

Priotise the quality of your content rather than churning out a high quantity. Engagement is the name of the game so you want to create rich content that is not only easily consumable but also sparks conversation and encourages sharing. Always put your audience’s interests ahead of your own.


Sticking to a routine is so 2015

Facebook wants you to be more instant and spontaneous. Over the years Facebook has come up with different ways to encourage on the spot content, eg. Facebook live and more recently, stories. Have a content strategy in place, as well as a calendar for planning, but your biggest mistake would be not being more spontaneous. Keep your posts fresh and in trend.


No one wants to click “see more”

Not everyone wants to read your 500-word caption. Your page is not a notice board. Limit your captions to one liners as much as possible and let your creativity speak for the post or just keep it direct to the point when a longer caption is needed. But do your best to avoid those long captions.


Competitions are waste of money

Competitions have always been the most effective way to engage with your audience because who doesn’t love freebies? Put your money towards richer content. Host giveaways but don’t put money towards them and most importantly, keep them relevant to your brand.


Frugality is not going to work if you want reach

Don’t listen to the naysayers who advise you to not advertise on Facebook. Yes, it may get more expensive to reach your audience but with the right budget and the right content, you could strike gold. Up your paid social game. This is the best time to utilise different ad objectives and test your audience combinations for your social content ads. Facebook has always been the best tool for location strategy marketing since ads manager was launched and has invested into more advertising tools like carousel, canvas and more for the front end to make it more effective for advertisers.



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