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How Working For The ENTERTAINER Helps Me To Strive For More

Abbi Mullan

Meet Fouad, our GCC Assistant Marketing Manager, who looks after Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Eastern Province KSA, Riyadh, and Jeddah.

For anyone that's ever wondered what it's really like to be part of the rapidly expanding ENTERTAINER family, allow Fouad to share some insights..

How did you first learn about the ENTERTAINER?

My friend's house flooded and she couldn’t sleep at home one night, so she asked me to pick her up and drop her to a hotel. On the way, I asked her why she chose a fancy hotel to stay at, and she replied, “Well, because of the ENTERTAINER offer!” I couldn’t believe that she’d paid for only one night, but got another night's stay for free. I thought there had to be a catch, so I decided to buy the App and try it out myself. From that moment, I couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t have the ENTERTAINER. After promoting the App to my own friends and family, I saw the job opening, and applied for the role!

How has the company helped you in your career development?  

The ENTERTAINER has really helped develop my marketing and time management skills. Working on 7 markets across the GCC requires you to consistently place yourself in a different mindset, and look at things from various perspectives since each market is different. It was a major change for me coming from Ferrari & Maserati since you are so limited to who you could target in luxury, but with the ENTERTAINER targeting a much larger population, it's definitely helped to explore new areas of marketing, as well as come up with other ways to target different segments. 


What challenges do you face within your role?

Being market leaders, once you’re number 1, you have to ensure you stay number 1! Luckily, we're always on our toes, working out new ways and methods to continue pleasing our current customer base, while also reaching out to new potential customers. We're always striving for more!

Give us 3 words to describe the ENTERTAINER.

  1. Unbelievable – in the sense that it’s hard to believe how much the App can benefit you. Who doesn't want to save while discovering new places?
  2. Thriving – not just with the number of products and the number of cities we’re available in, but we’re always expanding the number of merchants in each product, always developing our technology, always growing as a team, etc.
  3. Family – in two ways, one as a workforce, we all look out for each other and always support the growth of each other; in the second way, we help other families by providing them with the chance to do more for less.

What's been your proudest moment since joining the company?

I would say successfully launching the Qatar 2018 product. It was the largest event out of all markets that I work on, and it went very smoothly. We had loads of people join us, and all attendees had an amazing time! Next year, it'll be even better!


What is on your wish list for the next 10 years with the ENTERTAINER?

2-for-1 offers on Ferraris... As I mentioned, I'm always trying to aim for more!


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