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5 Reasons We Signed Up For The Roy Nasr Memorial Triathlon (AGAIN)

Lesego Puso

Implementing and promoting health and wellness in the workplace is not just an investment in the employees, it benefits the organisation as well. No one knows this better than the ENTERTERTAINER team.

The ENTERTERTAINER has taken part in the annual Roy Nasr Memorial Triathlon since 2015 and every year more members of the staff sign up to take part.

Here are reasons why taking part in the Roy Nasr Memorial Triathlon has been great for organisation.


Julien Toigo

My dad was an impressive triathlete and I’d always been inspired by him. Having grown up taking part in different kinds of competitive sports, I’d secretly wanted to complete a triathlon too but never did.

I remember a week after joining the ENTERTERTAINER back in July 2016, Donna Benton asked if I wanted to take part in the Roy Nasr Memorial Triathlon in October. I felt like it was the push I needed to actually do it. “Hell yeah,” I responded. So I immediately started swimming and bought a cheap bike on Dubizzle after discovering Al Qudra!

In my opinion, the triathlon training was a great team building exercise. Especially for newbies like myself. Not only did I get to interact with people from the office, but I can honestly say I got to know them beyond the suits. Unfortunately, I fell ill the day of the Roy Nasr triathlon last year and had to complete it with a 40 degree fever. I don’t know how I managed to finish it but I still enjoyed it. So much so, I signed up for a few more races afterwards, including the Wadi Bih and a sprint triathlon in March 2017. I also have hopes of completing the Olympic YAS triathlon next year!

Working for a company that puts a huge emphasis on our health, wellness and fitness brings a good vibe to the office. As we prepare for the 2017 triathlon, I find that we all motivate each other and there’s an air of positivity in a in the office! I love it!



Hannah pulls in support from fellow colleague Dorina before hitting the swim.

Hannah Casey

The ENTERTERTAINER has an excellent company culture centered around team activities. I think a major component of our success as a business is the comradery we have as colleagues and friends. Last year more than 50 of us participated in a triathlon, something that was entirely new to most of us. The race was great fun, but what I really enjoyed the most was the preparation. Training with my colleagues was both encouraging and fun! We really built a sense of community both in and out of office hours. Living abroad can feel lonely and isolated, so I value our office community immensely. We are about to take part in our next company triathlon and I can’t wait.


Vicky, Fiona and Anya getting ready to race.


Vicky Gounari

I was one of the few who were genuinely excited to find out that we’d be taking part in the Roy Nasr Memorial Triathlon last year. I found out during my interview that the team would be taking part in the triathlon in October and I couldn’t wait to be hired.

As a child took part in competitive sports in school, like 10 years ago. I’ve always wanted to take part in a triathlon but just never had the incentive to do one. The whole experience was great but I was disappointed in my time of 1h44min. I’ve spent the last year training and participating in a lot more races including another triathlon, a couple of duathlons and a 10km and 5km race.

This year, I’ll be happy with a time of 1h30min. The training sessions and the race are good for building morale and team building. They have also given me the opportunity to check out my competition, I’m constantly impressed at how good everyone is, just a lesson to not underestimate anyone.


Fiona Edgley

Last year, when I first found out that we would be taking part in a triathlon as a company with the option to take part as a team, I was genuinely excited. Having spent my entire childhood and teen years taking part in team sports, I was looking forward to re-living my glory days. So, when the time came and Donna came around the office asking who wanted to take part, I was ready to sign up for a leg.

However, after a motivational chat from Donna who said, “Of course you could do the whole thing… I’m putting you down for the whole thing”, I spent the next 5 minutes full of confidence in myself that I could totally do this. Then it hit me “Oh goodness…I’m doing a triathlon”.

Although, the idea of participating in my first triathlon was daunting, it was made easier by knowing I would be taking part along-side my colleagues, most of whom had also never done a triathlon before. The training sessions were really fun and it was such a great way for us as a company to bond and get to know each other outside of the workplace.

So, when the day finally came around I was definitely anxious, but when I got there and saw all of my friends ready and raring to go, I found myself quite excited to get started.


Hannah getting ready for her bike leg.


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