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We Are ENTERTAINER: Meet Nabilla


Meet Nabilla, our newly minted Head of Merchant Partnerships and our first employee of the ENTERTAINER Malaysia 

How did Andrew (the General Manager of Asia) find you or how did you find the ENTERTAINER when you became the first employee of the ENTERTAINER Malaysia?

Andrew found me via headhunter (Hays). One day, I received a call from Hays sharing this amazing opportunity to work with the ENTERTAINER Malaysia. I knew about the company when the headhunter mentioned it as I was from hospitality industry. This was how my ENTERTAINER journey started.


What was it that was appealing to you about the company that was enough to make you join, even if this is a new market?

The PEOPLE. I wanted to be back in an environment that I’m familiar and comfortable with, and to have colleagues from different countries and different cultures.

The PRODUCT. I knew the ENTERTAINER had a product that can sell. I believed and was passionate about the product then as I am now – this made it easier for me to decide on joining this awesome company.


There has been a lot of hurdles from the past 5 years of working with the ENTERTAINER. What are some of the things that made you stay?

The PEOPLE. Although the Malaysia team is relatively small, we are very closely bonded.

the ENTERTAINER malaysia

The SUPPORT. The ENTERTAINER provides endless support and training. All you need to do is ask. Whether it is support from local colleagues, in-line manager, colleagues from other markets; they’re all ready to help.


There was a time when you were the only person working for the company here. Tell us how you’ve seen the company grow throughout these years? You’ve also helped brought people into the business!



First of all, it was amazing to see the transformation of the product from having to drag an almost-1KG book, to making it completely digital as the ENTERTAINER app. When I joined the business, we were still selling books and app-cards in bookstores. I had to visit from one bookstore to another to do promotions. Sat at the bookstores for 4 hours to sell the books and app-card 

When we came to the market, Buy One Get One offers were something abnormal. Convincing merchants to come on-board was as if we were asking for their arms and legs.

Over the years, merchants then understood the powerful tool that we had, that’s one of the reasons how we managed to grow from 100+ merchants to 700+ merchants now.


From being alone in the office to 13 headcounts now, surely it’s a huge difference.

the ENTERTAINER malaysia

In my early days, my colleagues were Singapore team. They were the ones I would reach out to get

 answers from. As soon as the management said they were looking for employees, I knew I had to recommend some of the best people whom I’ve worked with that I know will fit well and contribute to the business.When I joined the business, there was no such thing as following my job description. I had to execute every possible thing that needs to be done from the local office. Didn’t complain and still not complaining as that was one of the best time for me in the business.

I was given the opportunity to learn about the ENTERTAINER business as a whole.


What are some of the things that you appreciate being with the company?

The continuous support from the team and management. There is always someone ready to take up my questions and concerns.

We work hard and we play hard 🙌

the ENTERTAINER malaysia



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