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We Are ENTERTAINER: Meet Julien.


Our Awesome Project Manager, Julien, is determined to challenge the status quo, and push the travel product to exceed clients expectations: "together, we've created an app that has been sold to VISA, SKYWARDS and TRAVELEX, and I'm so proud of that"


So tell us, what’s your current role at the ENTERTAINER? Did you start in this role or did you take a specific career path to get there?

I joined the ENTERTAINER just as our travel product, '241Passport' was hatching (now 'ENTERTAINER go'). As it was the first of it's kind within the ENTERTAINER, our main duties were to innovate and sell the product at the same time!

We quickly realized that '241Passport' was not the correct solution the ENTERTAINER needed to break into the Travel industry. So, we worked to create a new product, 'ENTERTAINER go'. During this transition I naturally fell into managing the product, and this is how I became the Project Manager of the Travel division.


Tell us something about your client Emirates and it's product 'Skywards GO' that members might not know...

Emirates was one of the very first companies we sold 241Passport actually! It’s a hugely successful company and the team are very nice and super professional. It was a huge opportunity for us, and it took more than 2 years to sign the contract and launch 'Skywards GO' - so proud of our teams achievements.


What’s the culture of your team?

the ENTERTAINER travel team

Oscar takes care of the marketing, Lara & Yvonne are in charge of acquiring the hotels, I handle project management, Ella takes care of the GETAWAYS backend, Loma writes all the travel content, Rich is in charge of the B2B, Abi is here to help the team and Tony... well...

Tony is the maestro 🙌


What does your role involve within the Travel team?

As a Project Manager, I work closely with ebiz, finance, content, marketing, the ENTERTAINER business, legal… everyone (just how I like it)!

I am the main point of contact for each project I manage, so knowing everything about the product is a must.


What does a normal day at work look like?

A normal day consists of 28,000 visits to the Ebiz corner! 😜

My best buddies are Faisal, Aruma and Parves, who manage the products, I spend most of my time with them. I also spend my days meeting the sales, marketing, legal and finance teams… I am rarely at my desk.

None of my days are the same, which is great - I hate routine!


What is your most memorable experience on this team/in this role?

My most memorable experience is simply the journey we have accomplished so far. From 241Passport to creating GO and GETAWAYS from A to Z. We've grown from a team of 2 to a team of 9 and counting...

the ENTERTAINER travel team

Together, we've created an app that has been sold to the likes of VISA, EMIRATES and TRAVELEX, and we've built an in-app hotel booking engine - I'm so proud of that.

I like to say that there is more than 14,000 employees at Booking.com, and we have been less than 20 people to think, design, build and constantly innovate 'GETAWAYS'!


Outside of the ENTERTAINER, what do you get up to?

I love having busy weekends, and I travel as far and wide as I can. 

Julien Tiogo - the ENTERTAINER


I am an active guy! I LOVE sports, I try and play minimum 4 times a week: squash, football, paddle, running, biking, swimming… Oh, and I became a triathlon fan thanks to Donna and the ENTERTAINER.

I don’t want to pretend I am a super healthy guy: going out on Thursday evening with the team is a MUST for me!

the ENTERTAINER yearly triathlon


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