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From Receptionist to Customer Service Manager - The Importance of Internal Growth

Stacey Barham

Before moving to the UAE in 2009 – and joining the ENTERTAINER 2 years later – I was a Store Manager at a popular clothing brand. My roles prior to that were customer service based, so you could say that I was destined to be where I am now!

My ENTERTAINER story started in January 2012, when I had my interview with the Founder of the company, Donna Benton. I had been using the ENTERTAINER ever since a friend introduced me to it in 2010, so I was very familiar with the not-to-be-missed offers available to all in Dubai. A friend took my CV and said he knew a company that were looking for a Receptionist – shortly after that, I received a phone call from the General Manager inviting me in for an interview! The fact that the company was the ENTERTAINER made everything that little bit more exciting. An ENTERTAINER expert by this point, I was confident I’d be able to answer the questions well.

I could tell from the very beginning just how passionate Donna was about the company, and ultimately how successful it was going to be. I wanted to work for the ENTERTAINER – it was the perfect opportunity for me to grow, and who wouldn’t want to work for a company that gives you 2-for-1 offers? 


My role as Receptionist was varied – I remember the days spent packing up the books and sending them off! Soon after, the company started to grow fast. And inside, I knew that I too wanted to develop my skills where I could. Our product was already in Cyprus, but we were truly going global now and launching in Asia. With this growth, more responsibilities were given to me. I was now doing my everyday Reception role, as well as assisting customers who called us with any questions.

I had worked with the company for around 1 year & 4 months when I was moved into the office to fill the role of Customer Service Executive. It was a challenging role as I had never worked in customer service in the UAE before, but it was an amazing learning opportunity. It wasn’t long before I was promoted to Customer Service Manager, and my team started to grow!

Becoming Customer Service Manager meant that I was responsible for ensuring we had the support systems we needed such as FAQs, Rules of Use, Live Chat and anything I felt we needed to ensure that our customers were supported. 

Customer service can be challenging at times, but six years on, I now have a strong team of five fantastic ladies who have the same passion that I do in wanting to help our customers.

Internal growth and development is so important within a company, as it allows employees to be challenged in ways that result in personal and professional progress.


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