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How to get even more rewards with your ENTERTAINER App

It’s true what they say: we do add more wow into your now! Thought you knew everything there was to know about the ENTERTAINER? We bet there are a few of you that still don’t know about ENTERTAINER Rewards – our e-commerce site that gives our UAE members access to exclusive deals on a wide range of branded products and the chance to save even more by spending their ‘Smiles’, the virtual currency earned by using the ENTERTAINER App.

Meet Lucy...

Lucy has been involved with this new initiative since joining the ENTERTAINER in 2018. She is responsible for sourcing brands & partners to feature on ENTERTAINER Rewards, and how the platform will transition in 2019.

Hi Lucy! Tell us a little bit more about Rewards…

ENTERTAINER Rewards is a Loyalty & Rewards platform, featuring an extensive range of internationally recognized brands & products, such as Fitbit, Smeg, Ted Baker, Bose & many more.

Our members can leisurely browse online & pay using a combination of Smiles & cash, then have their orders delivered directly to their door in the UAE.

How does Rewards work?

ENTERTAINER Rewards is a website that allows our members to use their Smiles to obtain discounts on products. Members earn Smiles every single time they redeem an offer on their ENTERTAINER App, and Rewards provide cash discounts on products for as little as 80 Smiles!

Tell us something about Rewards that ENTERTAINER members might not know...

  • We are constantly sourcing products and brands for the website, with new additions each month. In addition, we are always seeking new suppliers & partnerships, so feel free to get in touch if this sounds of interest!
  • Smiles eventually expire, so ENTERTAINER Rewards is a good way to save money & put your Smiles to good use - before they disappear.

What would you spend your Smiles on?

If I was shopping for myself, I would spend my Smiles on either a NutriBullet, or one of the candles we have from Peppermint Grove. In the New Year, we will be launching another brand of candles which is very exciting - I’ll be saving my Smiles for that.  

What’s your favourite item on Rewards at the moment?

I’m a huge fan of all the SMEG products!

Christmas is coming and you are going to buy a gift for a loved one. Tell us one gift you would buy and why.

For Christmas, I think the ‘Ridley’s Games’ that are available on Rewards are perfect. They are suitable for all ages and loads of fun, ideal for Christmas with the family! I’ve purchased a few for the festivities, and you can find them here: https://www.mysmilesrewards.com/search?query=ridleys

Can you let us know of any exciting additions to the site in the new year?

2019 will see ENTERTAINER Rewards add some exciting new updates.

We would like to utilize this platform to host competitions & prize draws, where members can enter using their Smiles for the chance to win a prize. We also want to offer our members bigger & better discounts on products featured on the platform. This will come into effect early next year.

So members, if you have some smiles to burn, it's time to visit https://www.mysmilesrewards.com/ for some top luxury brands, must-have gadgets and accessories!


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