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Employee Engagement Using Rewards

Finding ways to effectively encourage employee engagement in the workplace remains one of the most difficult challenges for many HR professionals.


Almost 50% of employees are disengaged

According to an Aon Hewitt report, 49.5 per cent of employees in the GCC region are not engaged at work. The report also revealed employee engagement in Africa had seen a decline from 62 to 59 per cent since 2014.

Meaning that majority of employees are not emotionally invested in their work and are less likely to be focused on producing positive outcomes for their organisations.

The survey suggests there may be a direct link between an engaged workforce and a variety of performance outcomes, including productivity and reduced turnover.

Corporate leadership understands that an increasingly diverse, multi-generational workforce may require creative and purpose-driven employee engagement strategies.

One such strategy is to use rewards and incentives to significantly improve employee happiness and engagement.

Incentives are huge motivators in the workplace; they’re a worthy investment and shouldn’t be considered an expense.

Research shows that businesses could expect a decrease in your voluntary turnover rate by 31% if employees have access to a good incentives or rewards programme.

Here's what you can do to offer customised and effective rewards and incentives that will encourage engagement in the workplace.


Use behavioural data to learn what your team wants and incentivise accordingly

Most organisations listen to their customers to learn what they value in products and services. This mindset should also apply to their most important internal customers, their employees.

Employees want incentives that are more immediate for their lifestyle needs and when businesses give employees a wide variety of choice, you increase their chances of engagement. 

Your business can track their transactions and use this behavioural data to gain meaningful insights about what their preferences. What the business learns should be reflected in the personalised rewards offered thereafter to individual team members.

Ultimately this will enable your business to drive employee-centric communication and engagement strategies.

Employee Engagement Data


Align your incentives programme with your company culture

You can't please everyone, but if you are aware what the majority of your people value, you can create incentives that motivate the individuals and support a strong company culture.

For instance, if your company is looking to encourage employees connecting with their coworkers, on their own, consider giving them rewards that can only be used only when there are two or more people present.

Or drive participation by using a gamified approach, incentivising the most engaged employees.

Providing the employees with a leaderboard where they can view their performance in real time will allow them to accurately assess their own performance and have realistic expectations for reaching their goals.

This can help the business encourage desired behaviours which will have a huge impact on peer-to-peer recognition and further promote healthy competition at the office.

employee engagement leaderboard


Create and use tiers to differentiate between employees and managers

It is important to recognise that different employee groups value different incentives. Reward programmes are most successful when they effectively balance the needs and wants of the organisation and its employees.

By introducing a tiered rewards programme, your business creates another incentive for lower level employees to aspire for higher job roles within the organisation.

Different levels of contribution should be adequately recognised in the kind of incentives given at each level.

Making the effort to calibrate reward to behaviour will make your rewards programme a lot more effective and your employees a lot happier.


Ready, set, engage!

Consider your employees your first customers - while customers are the ones keeping the lights on, an engaged staff can impact productivity, profitability, reduced turnover, and your customer’s experience.

Regardless of industry, engaged employees can be vital for the survival, sustainability, and growth of your business. By taking these steps to implement a rewards programme, you are guaranteed to see a rapid increase in employee engagement.

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