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Engagment solutions in the workplace are most successful when they effectively balance the needs and wants of the organisation and its employees.
16 August 2017

4 Ways To Crack The Code On Employee Engagement

Employee engagement in Asia remains steady as global levels rise. While employee engagement scores have seen a slight improvement since 2015, the continent still has the unhappiest workforce in comparison to the rest of the world.


Challenges facing HR professionals in Asia?
Low engagement scores

Asia’s workforce is more downbeat about their jobs than the global average. According to the 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Report from Aon Hewitt, engagement scores for Asia revealed that Singapore and Malaysia are the least engaged among their major Asian counterparts.

India are 69 per cent, followed by China at 67 per cent, Thailand at 65 per cent, the Philippines with 65 percent and Indonesia lagging slightly behind at 61 percent.

The survey suggests there may be a direct link between an engaged workforce and a variety of performance outcomes, including productivity, lower absenteeism, reduced turnover ultimately, poor financial performance.


Innovation trumps people management

Due to their strict and authoritative approach, the Asian employer tends to pay more attention to how people produce innovation rather than than managing its workforce and nurturing its talent.

In more recent years, the continent has seen a change in direction as they explore ways to create a culture to support engagement among their employees and management.

However, the abundance of opportunities in the Asian work market gives organisations and managers a shorter window of opportunity to win the loyalty of their employees.

While there’s no guaranteed route to sustainable engagement in the workplace, Asian organisations can look at introducing tools that will motivate the behaviour. 


What are the 4 questions every HR professional should ask when implementing an engagement tool?
Does it add value to the employee?

There is an apparent influx of talent in Asia with more Europe and US expats moving to the continent with high hopes of employment. Talented locals with overseas degrees also go back home to seek opportunities for advancement and growth.

This creates a glass ceiling for talents, which then reduces engagement, and increases the chance of talent seeking career development in opportunities externally.

Organisations have to increase their value propositions to combat high retention numbers and one way of doing this is by introducing a tool packed with rewards and incentives. Incentives are huge motivators in the workplace; they’re a worthy investment and shouldn’t be considered an expense.

Research shows that businesses could expect a decrease in voluntary turnover rate by 31%if employees have access to a good incentives or rewards programme.


Can I use this tool to learn more about my team?

According to Mercer’s latest Talent Trends 2017 research, one of the key trends driving the future of HR is the ‘Quest for Insight’. Organisations globally, are looking at ways to use data and evidence to make decisions about their people.

Using a mobile engagement solution, your organisation can analyse its employees behavioural data. This will allow you to identify their interests and learn what motivates them to spend. Use this information to break through the clutter to get their attention.

When you know what your employees’ preferences are, it becomes simpler to incentivise them accordingly.


Can I communicate with my team using this tool?

According to the 4th annual Employee Engagement Report by TINYpulse in 2017, internal communications within the workplace were unsatisfactory with 40 per cent of employees ranking interactions with bosses at 9 out of 10 or higher. This figure is nearly 15 percentage points below the global average.

The problem with this, is that even if employees are unhappy, it would take more for them to express it. This makes it more difficult for HR and organisations to really know how engaged an employee is and what the underlying issues leading to this unhappiness might be.

An engagement solution delivered as a mobile app could help eliminate the hurdles that hinder organisations from fully connecting and engaging with its employees.

Consider an App solution that gives your business the ability to communicate through push notifications, banner ads and featured articles.

These channels can be used this to communicate about company updates, staff promotions and about events. They can be sent to the entire organisation or targeted by segments in the order of department or hierarchy.


Can I create tiers to differentiate between employees?

HR leaders are tasked to find an engagement solution that fits three different generations, all at different levels within the organisation and all have different needs.

Flame Centre said this is not just an Asian issue, but a global common factor, citing, “as the baby boomers live to work, the generation Xers work to live and the millenials are here today and gone tomorrow”.

It is important to recognise that different employee groups and generations value different incentives. Engagment solutions and rewards in the workplace are most successful when they effectively balance the needs and wants of the organisation and its employees.

By introducing a tiered rewards through your mobile App, your business creates another incentive for lower level employees to aspire for higher job roles within the organisation. The different generations and their levels of contribution should be adequately recognised in the kind of incentives given at each level.

Making the effort to calibrate reward to behaviour, while incentivising accordingly, will make your rewards programme a lot more effective and your employees a lot happier.


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