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How I Became The Senior Digital Marketing Exec At The ENTERTAINER

Hannah Clark-Sutton

Meet our our Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Hannah Clark-Sutton. She has been with the ENTERTAINER for three years and counting. She talked to us about her journey with the company and gives advice to graduates looking to enter the workforce.


Why did you choose the ENTERTAINER as your employer of choice?

I’ve lived in Dubai since I was 8-years-old and my family has always used the ENTERTAINER. I grew up tearing the vouchers out the book to use when I’m out and about with my friends.

Even when my family had moved back to the UK I relied on the ENTERTAINER to help keep my lifestyle affordable. The ENTERTAINER has always been a familiar brand to me, something I’ve used in my day to day life so when the opportunity arose to work there I jumped at it.


Give a brief overview of when you joined the team?

I first joined The ENTERTAINER in November 2015 as a Digital Marketing Executive. However, my role at that time was purely CRM based.

About six months in, I was asked if I’d be interested in expanding my role to work across paid and performance as well. I’ve always been keen to learn new things and growing within my role was an important factor for me so this was a great opportunity.


How did you feel when you first started working as a digital marketer?

Although, I had covered aspects of digital marketing in my degree and at my previous job, I had never purely focused on just digital marketing. So I would say I kick-started my digital career here at the ENTERTAINER.

Working in the digital sector you always have to be looking ahead, and making an effort to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. But, it’s not always easy to know where to start, so at first it was a bit daunting.

However, since joining the Digital Marketing team at The ENTERTAINER I have worked amongst individuals who have played a key role facilitating my learning and development in the digital world, my managers really have proved to be the most useful resource.


What do you love most about your job and the ENTERTAINER?

I love that I work in an office full of people I respect and can continuously learn from. We have a great vibe in our office and I am very fortunate to work amongst people of all ages, from all sorts of backgrounds.

Everyone brings something to the table! I also love the fact that as an individual you are given the opportunity to learn on the job and encouraged to constantly develop your skill set and knowledge, because of this I have been able to excel within my role and build a strong foundation.


What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Balancing my workload across multiple platforms for global campaigns.


What advice would you give to a graduate going into their first job?

Find a job that challenges you, don’t always fall into something that’s comfortable. Test your knowledge and be keen to learn new things.


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