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Top 3 Things To Consider When Shooting A Global Ad Campaign

Sarah Pollard

I am the Creative Director for the ENTERTAINER, responsible for all brand creatives across our digital channels and manage the creative output and development of the creative team.

Being the Creative Director differs from other creative roles in the sense that you have much more of a focus on making sure things are right for the brand positioning. It also means being in charge of the creative team, from junior to senior – writers, designers, art directors and production. Basically, you spend less time in front of Photoshop, and more time guiding the team! I have a great team, so it makes my job much easier.

Every year we are charged with creating the concept for our annual product sales launch and this year was no different. The concept for our 2018 app products is centred around the idea that the ENTERTAINER is a fully encompassed lifestyle app, helping consumers save on the enjoyable and avoidable.

Being a global brand, each year we have to consider a campaign that can be tailored to meet the needs of all our markets. Not only does the concept have to fit but the visuals also have to make sense in each market and the tone needs to stay the same even when translated. There are many challenges but it's mostly fun.

Here are three major points we had to consider when planning the shoot for our global campaign ad:


When it comes to shooting a global campaign in the Middle East, the challenge is often casting. Although we are a multi-cultural society, we just don’t have the long standing theatre culture that other major cities like London or New York have. So I decided to head over to Beirut with hopes that I find a cast that can be truly representative of all our markets.


Production Company

For the best results, it is important that you work with a production company that not only knows your brand but also  understands the direction you want to take. So after some thought, I decided to go with a company from Beirut that specialises in digital content: Bip Media. I met the producer who was super excited to work with us. She has recently moved home from Dubai and was a proud “Super Saver” of the ENTERTAINER (and she loved our product!).




The ENTERTAINER is always there to make you smile, whether you're saving on activities you really want to do like visiting a water park or spa and activities or have to do like visiting the dentist, taking the dog to the groomer or going for hair removal – “savings on the enjoyable and unavoidable”. Therefore, we knew we had to choose venues that were reflective of either scenario but in a funny and quirky way.

We see our heroes happily paying for things they want to do, but cutting corners when it comes to dog grooming, tailoring, teeth whitening etc. At the end of the day, we want individuals to save at every possible opportunity in their life, not just the fun stuff! And that’s the message that we hope everyone will take away from these spots.



Here is what took place behind the scenes:




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