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Engage Employees. Reduce Churn. Increase Productivity.


Skilled workers are hard to find, and sometimes harder to keep. Foster a positive working environment and keep your employees engaged with a unique rewards strategy customised to your organisational needs.

Plan Your Employee Recognition Strategy

Strengthen your culture with specialized features to nurture an engaged and high - performance team

Actionable Analytics

Monitor employee engagement with real-time analytics and insights

Employee Reward Points

Give your reward points a unique name to create a unique employee brand experience

Customized rewards

Integrate a diverse array of offers that employees can use directly via their app

Employee Engagement

Use omnichannel communications to communicate with your people directly through the app

Account Management

Dedicated account managers will work with you to drive engagement, for both off the shelf and custom made rewards solutions

100% Digital

Digitize your entire employee rewards process with our solutions

Common Challenges and their Solutions

  • Lack of non-salaried support & benefits for employees
  • A rewards program that offers high and fast absorption
  • Low employee engagement and communication
  • Omnichannel in-app engagement and rewards journeys
  • Low level of employee appreciation
  • A platform to offer instant gratification and savings across key spend categories
  • Lack of scaleable benefits program provision
  • Low cost per user in comparison to other employee benefit solutions

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