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Our loyalty solutions are available in three fully equipped options. Whether you are looking for something fully-customizable to your specifications, a co-branded custom reward's system, or a plug-and-play rewards solution - we have the answer you are looking for to keep your customers and employees engaged. From driving customer acquisition to improving staff retention, and supercharging CRM, the ENTERTAINER business delivers tangible results in addition to invaluable Big Data insights.




Customized Loyalty Solutions

Choose from thousands of loyalty features to fine-tune a fully customized loyalty program for your brand and its customers. Find the loyalty currency, cashback, points, and discounts or rewards that match with your brand - then decide how you want your customers or employees to earn them.

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Bespoke rewards and offers platform
Omnichannel engagement
Loyalty management plug-ins
Behavioural usage data and profile modelling 
Bespoke merchant acquisition 
Advanced reporting
Best in class merchant portfolio



Available to Suit Your Needs 


White Label or Co-Brand Loyalty Software

Integrate a custom-built rewards and engagement solution to fit your specific business requirements. Keep your branding, but let your customers or employees enjoy our unparalleled UI system

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Rewards Solution

Leverage our ready-to-use App solution, a rewards system pre-loaded with rewards for your customers or employees to enjoy.

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If you cannot see a solution that works for you, get in touch with us about bulk-buying our B2B ENTERTAINER app for your employees or customers.
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