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Feb 24, 2024

Do Push Notifications Boost Or Hurt Your Sales?

Posted by : the ENTERTAINER Admin

We have more choices than ever before! In every aspect of our lives, we have unlimited options – when ordering food, purchasing clothes, deciding where to go on holiday or even what to watch on Netflix. So where do we turn when figuring out what's the best option?   

According to Statcounter GlobalStats, mobile has taken the lead at 60.66 per cent of the market with desktop devices taking up 37.08 per cent and tablets at only 2.26 per cent. Therefore, a lot of people turn to their mobiles when making decisions, learning more about their favorite brands and setting goals among other things. Brands can use this to their advantage and make an impression on the customer at the start to get into the consideration pile when people are just starting to form opinions.   

If you want your customers to stay engaged with your brand, then you should figure out what’s the best way to connect with them. It’s our job as marketers to be able to gather the relevant data, analyze it and then be able to anticipate customers’ needs accordingly. It’s worth keeping in mind - push notifications are a great monetizer tool if used effectively.   

What are push notifications?  

A website or app will send its users or subscribers a brief message update to their devices known as a push notification. Increasing user re-engagement is the main goal of push notifications.   

In recent years, push notifications have changed significantly as brands seek instant interactions with their consumers. The structure of the notification includes:     

  • Brand’s logo  

  • Description  

  • Headline  

  • CTA  

How to improve customer engagement with push notifications?  

Did you know that 88 per cent of users are less likely to return to a website because of poor user experience? However, with the help of push notifications, you may easily keep users on your site despite something going wrong the first time.   

To get a push notification, the user does not need to perform any complicated actions. In fact, it is simple for a user to choose whether or not they wish to get updates as an opt-in option will appear when they land on the website.   

Compared to other engagement channels, push notifications only need a single click from the user to reroute them to the website. Which makes it a one-step interaction between the user and the brand. Therefore, more users are pushed into the conversion funnel thanks to this streamlined strategy. Since the notifications are displayed directly on the user's screen, they don't require them to go to a dedicated platform.  

How can you retarget and retain your customers with push notifications?  

We all know that it’s more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to keep existing ones, which is why you shouldn't underestimate the value of push notifications. You can use push notifications to target your current customers. Retaining your customers becomes more achievable when a user receives quality updates from your website rather than some unrelated information that will cause another churn in your stats.  

It's always wise to give users a reason to return to your website – send them high-quality push updates, which will help your brand to continue to retain your customers. Here’s a top tip: Send a personalized push that the user may want to see and click on the go.  

What are some of the best types of push notifications?  

Here are a few to consider:  

  • Cart abandonment: A notification is sent to the customer as a reminder if an item is still in their cart.  

  • Holiday discounts: During festive occasions, special promotions are provided to users to spark their interest and increase conversions.  

  • Geo-targeted: When the individual comes close to the physical location of a retail store, they will immediately receive a notification.  

Final takeaway:  

You can track your push notification campaigns by checking:  

  • Subscriber rate: Monitoring your daily subscriptions can also serve as an indication of the quality and relevance of the push notifications that you’re sending out.   

  • View rates: Displays the number of users that successfully received a push notification on their screen.  

  • Click-through rates (CTR): This shows how many users have clicked on the notification.   

The best way to get more clicks and conversions involves optimizing your push notification campaigns. Some of the ways you can achieve this include using rich visual content that includes a captivating image and a CTA button that will drive the customer back to the landing page.   

The truth is that push notifications can work wonders for your business and boost your sales if they are used correctly. User re-engagement can be elevated by prompt, clear and to-the-point notification updates. Just remember that you can create effective push notification campaigns by prioritizing your user's experience.   

For press inquiries, please contact: 

Penny McNmara, Head of Marketing

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