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Supercharge your program with our powerful integrations. Use the ENTERTAINER business to enhance your loyalty program with our best in class platforms and tools. Seamlessly integrate tools such as gamification, CRM, merchant partners, review platforms, and tiering.



Technology and integration services for loyalty and rewards solutions. With our building solutions, customized technology, and continuous assistance, we help our clients to manage customer experiences and create world class customer journeys, leading to revenue generation & cost savings.

Loyalty Management System (LMS)

The ENTERTAINER offers our in-house associated loyalty management system complete with world class features. Our solution allows you the complete flexibility to integrate with data points and offers a real time management of points issuance, redemptions, voucher inventory, bonus points issuance, and other advanced features needed for a scalable loyalty program.

Intelligent customer engagement

The ENTERTAINER will use intelligent segments to build loyalty campaigns and use them effectively to grow and retain the base under the program. Create triggered communications to members based on where they are in the loyalty lifecycle, or tier level - helping you to effectively increase your engagement rate and reduce churn.

Data & Analytics

In a rapidly changing business world the most effective decisions are based upon knowledge gained from deeper analytics on consumer data, helping to minimize risks, boost operational efficiency, and identify new segments for growth and profitability. With access to advanced custom built loyalty dashboards - offering RFM modeling, customer demographics and engagement data, redemption data, customer segmentation, and more - you can easily work towards meeting your business and loyalty KPIs.

Best in class global merchant acquisition

We have a successful track record in global merchant acquisition and management for over 20 years. We see our merchants as our partners and they play a big role to our success. Our global team of merchant acquisition and management  are responsible for sourcing the best in category merchants, building the best programmes in order to appeal to our consumer.


Loyalty plug-ins

Your business can integrate its existing loyalty and points system into an ENTERTAINER business solution. Let customers and employees accumulate and redeem their points in real-time, while enjoying the ease of a world-renowned system.

Customer Service

Receive consistent access to a support team dedicated for customer service to help your customers.


We support our clients and help them build long lasting partnerships with a wide variety of brands to offer deals for their customer base - or segments of the base depending on the program objectives. This does not only increase customer engagement, but also enhances your program's visibility in the market, through your association with these brands.


Easily embed gamification features into the app and effectively increase usage and drive desired behaviours in your customers. This will help to enhance customer engagement and active participation in program activities.

Voucher Management Platform

The ENTERTAINER rewards platform is embedded with vouchers from merchants across the globe as well as Travel Rewards. Your customers will be able to access rewards with these merchants based on what you have chosen to include. At the heart of our solution is a tried and tested platform for loyalty 'earn and burn' through savings and other rewards - including exclusive “money-can’t-buy” experiences.


Our solutions are always secure and we are ISO 27001 Certified and GDPR & POPI Compliant. Furthermore, Penetration Testing is conducted internally and by third parties to ensure security of our application and systems.

Build long-lasting brand loyalty

Use loyalty currency, cash back, points, discounts or rewards that match your brand, then decide how you want your customers to earn them. We have an array of solutions which we can either plug-and-play or develop for you from scratch - it all depends on what works best for your business and long term strategy. 


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