Sep 7, 2020 2:14:10 PM

ULTIMATE GIVEAWAY: the ENTERTAINER is giving away five epic staycations, a stunning trip to the Maldives and a luxurious trip to the Seychelles!

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An interview with Lara Gambardella
Head of Travel, the ENTERTAINER


2020 has been a challenging year, and the tourism industry has been severely affected by Covid-19. Do you have advice for how travellers can support meaningful businesses even as travel has become difficult

Now more than ever we must support local businesses, and for us, in the UAE we are spoilt for choice with fantastic quality options across all industries and in particular the great Hotels we have here.

The UAE builds new Hotels at a crazy speed, and we have some of the best in the world. Staycations have become very popular, and with affordable rates, we're able to experience the hotels we've always dreamed of staying at.

Brunches are now becoming more expensive than a night away at a beautiful 5-star Hotel believe it or not!


We've heard on the grapevine about a travel competition? Tell us more!!

Yes! Our Summer Travel competition is live! This competition is part of the ENTERTAINER travel summer campaign offering seven incredible prizes every day until September 12th – and it's totally free to enter. Head to the ENTERTAINER Facebook page (@entertainerapp) between 6th and 12th September and comment on the post with the correct answer to win.

What a year it has been for us all, we all had plans to travel, visit friends and family, holidays booked and weddings abroad to attend but all, unfortunately, none of this could happen.

We all deserve a getaway, and we wanted to allow our members to win a fantastic prize to stay with one of our Hotel partners. The competition is offering the chance to win a luxury 5-star staycation, an incredible trip to the Maldives AND an unforgettable getaway to stunning Seychelles!! I cannot wait for one of our wonderful members to win one of these prizes!

Lara Gambardella, the ENTERTAINER travel


Did you always know you would have a career in tourism, or do you consider it a happy accident?

Travel has always been one of my passions; from a young age, our annual family holiday was something I looked forward to the most. I am half Italian and very, very fortunate that my family live on the Amalfi coast! If you have ever been, you will know it is absolutely beautiful!

Lara Gambardella, the ENTERTAINER travel

As I grew older and was able to travel more, my eyes opened up to so many other beautiful countries and cultures and my travel bug was born! I moved to Dubai in 2015; I had never visited before and was blown away by the stunning Hotels and the ease to travel to other countries that offered something I had never experienced before. One year later, the opportunity at ENTERTAINER Travel came my way and five years on I feel very grateful that I do what I love each day.

Lara Gambardella, the ENTERTAINER travel


Last but not least: Do you have any insight for people doing UAE staycations? What deals can travellers expect when searching through the ENTERTAINER?

My favourite subject!... We have fantastic staycation deals in the App! We have gone out and sourced some amazing deals at Hotels across the UAE. 1, 2 and 3-night packages are available, including packages offering massages, brunches and much more!

We are now beginning to add more and more offers for the Maldives, Seychelles and other destinations so check these out too!

The easiest way to find theses offers is by clicking on the Staycation icon on the home screen of the App, and this will list all of the package deals or click on the Travel section in the App, choose your Hotel and check the available offers.

We will also let you know of these offers via notifications in your App, on our Travel member emails we send out and on our social pages so keep your eyes peeled (follow us if you are not already!)

Lara Gambardella, the ENTERTAINER travel


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