Dec 31, 2022 9:11:03 PM

The ENTERTAINER business offers fully customizable and flexible loyalty solutions

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Have you ever wondered - how businesses build and maintain long-lasting customer relationships, create customer loyalty, increase revenue, and encourage repeat business?

Plenty of successful brands have implemented loyalty programs that are tailored to meet their customers’ needs. Let’s dive into the different types of loyalty solutions, various platforms, loyalty system features, and much more!

Our loyalty solutions

  • Customer Loyalty Programs: Acquire, retain, and engage with your customers through a rewards and loyalty program that is designed to suit your brand’s needs. You can achieve this by offering an unparalleled customer experience which will in turn keep your customers coming back repeatedly over the long term.
  • Employee Rewards: Strengthen your culture with specialized features that will foster a positive environment, and a high-performing team that is engaged. Thereby, reducing turnover and increasing productivity while building a recognition culture and reinforcing your brand value to the people who embody your brand to the world.

Our platforms

  • White Label or Co-Branded: Save time and effort by customizing a ready-to-market rewards program.
  • Rewards Solutions: Leverage our ready-to-use app solution, a rewards system pre-loaded with rewards for your customers or employees to enjoy!
  • Fully Customized: Opt to fully customize a loyalty solution suited to your goals including your choice of features such as gamification, CLO technology, LMS solution, and more.

Features that will fit your loyalty needs

  • Customizable solutions
  • Unique rewards
  • Loyalty management
  • Loyalty currency
  • Customer engagement
  • Analytics and insights
  • Integrations
  • Referrals

How we’ve helped our current partners grow

  • 10 x more engagement
  • Better conversion rates
  • Improved user experience

Find out how you can unlock your customers’ potential, engage your employees, and build long-lasting brand loyalty by connecting with one of our experts today:

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