Sep 28, 2023 11:41:06 AM

Nissan Delights Customers, Partners with the ENTERTAINER business at Seamless Saudi Arabia

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Riyadh, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, 28 September 2023 - Nissan KSA and the ENTERTAINER business, a leading global loyalty, and rewards solutions provider headquartered in Dubai, have come together to introduce a loyalty program to reward Nissan customers through enticing incentives.

The announcement was made at the Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023 conference, a dynamic two-day event held in Riyadh that focused on global innovations in fintech, retail, and e-commerce.

The ENTERTAINER app provides percentage discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers at various restaurants, activities, and attractions in many cities worldwide.


In Photo: Julian Morbidelli, General Manager - KSA at the ENTERTAINER business and Abdulilah Wazni, Director of Product, Marketing and Customer Experience at Nissan Middle East and Saudi Arabia. 

The partnership will empower Nissan to leverage the app’s broader reach, enhancing customer engagement, brand loyalty, and recurring business across different services, and more. All facilitated through app usage.

The core objective of the loyalty program is to provide an appealing value proposition to Nissan's customer base, seamlessly integrating them into the Nissan ecosystem while incentivizing desired behaviours.

Adib Takieddine, Managing Director, Nissan Saudi Arabia, said, "This partnership stands as a testament to our shared commitment to delivering customer experiences that ‘defy ordinary’. With Nissan's vast network of dealerships and service centres, combined with the ENTERTAINER business’s widespread reach, we aim to provide our customers with added value by simplifying their access to tailor-made deals that cater to their daily needs."

Users can choose from a wide range of reward categories, track savings, and digitize their offers within the app.

The move exemplifies Nissan’s innovative approach to business in the fast-changing digital landscape and emerging trends.

Abdulilah Wazni, Director of Product, Marketing, and Customer Experience, Nissan Middle East and Saudi Arabia, said, “Today, digital tools are progressively becoming integral to every facet of life and business. Our collaboration with the ENTERTAINER business embodies this vision. Nissan wants to turbocharge convenience for customers with faster and more efficient processes. And by constantly evolving, we aim to exceed client expectations and deliver unrivalled value."

Julian Morbidelli, General Manager - KSA, the ENTERTAINER business, added, “We are thrilled to implement a loyalty and rewards program in partnership with Nissan, a leading player in the Saudi Arabian automotive industry. We immerse ourselves in our consumers' lifestyle journeys to provide them with exceptional experiences, which helps enhance customer retention. Today, having a digital partner to streamline processes for seamless growth is essential. This is where the ENTERTAINER business comes in; we are dedicated to supporting Nissan’s success within the evolving tech ecosystem for better deals and increased growth.”

With the app, users can have access to a range of helpful features that can make their driving experience safer and more convenient. These include the ability to add emergency contacts, around-the-clock roadside assistance, tracking of vehicle maintenance records, hassle-free servicing, and a document wallet for storing important documents. In addition, users can book appointments to test drive new Nissan vehicles and take advantage of Nissan's provided rewards to showcase their wheels at the best places for less.




About the ENTERTAINER business

The ENTERTAINER business offers customized loyalty and rewards opportunities to over 250 businesses globally. They enable businesses to tailor their loyalty and rewards programs to serve their customers and staff. Whether driving customer acquisition, improving staff retention or increasing omnichannel data-driven engagement, the ENTERTAINER business delivers tangible ROI in addition to invaluable analytics and insights.

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