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5 reasons why millennial travel has changed the way we all travel

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A lot has changed in the world of travel over the past few years. We have gone from using complicated systems to book simple airline tickets or hotel rooms that require the help of specialised professionals, to self-organizing smart experiences that can serve the world in your hand (or literally, your phone).

Today, the ‘millennials’ and the ‘Gen Z’ have changed the way we do everything, leveraging the changes that baby boomers forced into technology and the economy – opening a space to shape the present of many industries and leaving a clear space for the next one to come and surprise us.

As a digital company, the ENTERTAINER caters to this type of behaviour. And we are happy to do so. From book to App, we are transforming the way we develop our products, so we pay very close attention to how our users behave and what the market is saying to provide the best experience.

The travel industry is a great economic driver globally. It contributes to 10% of the world’s GDP (that’s 8 trillion dollars!) Here, Tony Marshall, General Manager – Travel at the ENTERTAINER shares 5 reasons why the ‘millennial travel’ is the way to travel.

The rise of mobile and MTAs (Mobile Travel Agencies)

These artifacts changed our lives and the way we behave, and that’s no different for the travel industry.

Mobile has changed the way users have accessed and consumed content: for inspiration, reviews, or just plain decision making. As a matter of fact, in 2018, 65% of hotel reservations were completed through a smartphone, and 21% of all travel related bookings were completed on a mobile.

At the ENTERTAINER, we believe that driving innovation in experiences from our App ecosystem will have a positive impact in how our members engage with their travel planning and spending.

Authentic brands win

It’s an open truth in 2019 that the ‘sledge hammer marketing’ approach (go with everything you have until they convert) is a thing of the distant past.

Brands that are relevant and authentic have the way paved for success, now that 63% of people from this generation prefer to deal with travel brands that speak with transparency, with ‘the right message at the right moment’. 52% of millennials are looking for inspiration about travel at least several times a week.

Experience is Everything

This says it all. Consumers in travel shifted their interest to start spending in meaningful experiences and products (whatever meaningful means to them: an afternoon in a cat café in Osaka, perhaps?)

So, when 62% of millennials say that experiences represent who they are and not the objects they possess, it made absolute sense that the ENTERTAINER shifted the focus as a company and moved towards this in every category of the product.

For us, in Travel, curating and serving content that covers our members’ expectations in terms of experiences, is and will be one of the top priorities for the future.

Experience ‘splurging’ is now a thing

Because the focus is more on the memories they are looking to create, rather than a single stay or flight, millennials are going all-in in spending on experiences and plans they will use to boast their happiness and ‘earn bragging rights’ with their peers. 66% describe themselves as adventurous and love placing themselves in new situations!

Creating products or brands that become a one-stop-shop for these users, or in other words, get inspired, plan, book and manage their experiences is key for getting the most out of this splurging trend.

Rise of digital Nomadism

The gig economy combined with the ease of mobility changed the world of labour as well. More people are deciding to move to places that are substantially cheaper than their cities of origin to work online. A plethora of tools for staying online and active has created a lot more of free time for this generation.

71% would travel all the time if they could, and they connect with brands that can help them realise that. 65% will find a way to get to a destination they really want to visit and try their luck there.

There’s untapped potential in the market for travel, experiences and memory creation and we are definitely up for it!

At the ENTERTAINER, we want to ensure that our members really do have the opportunity to experience everything. Our travel division has enjoyed phenomenal growth, allowing us to create a more seamless - and less stressful - travel experience for our members. Ideal for the digital traveller, our hotel booking system, ENTERTAINER getaways, allows ENTERTAINER members the opportunity to get up to 60% discounts in hotels globally and 2-for-1 offers in selected destinations. Therefore, mobiles can continue to be used as the hub of planning, experiencing and sharing every trip.

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