It's November and the 2019 holiday season is gearing up to be a big one with PwC’s Trendsetter Barometer finding leading economic indicators reflecting “steady growth, little inflation, and low unemployment”.

Although there is no specific formula for success, we've listed some practical methods for achieving the best results during holiday loyalty programme promotions.


Offer holiday themed instant rewards for registering to your Loyalty Programme in November or December

Do everything you can to turn holiday season customers into loyal, ongoing shoppers. Encourage consumers to create an account with your loyalty programme and thoroughly explain incentives of joining your brand community like discounts, exclusive content, and of course, a joining bonus!


Send out holiday season reminders

Set up an email campaign to your customers with excess loyalty points to cash in. In the email campaign, showcase your bestsellers and newest products. Don’t forget to let your customers know how many points they’ll be earning when they purchase each one of them.


Set an expiration on loyalty points

If your loyalty programme offers points, set an expiration date to encourage them to make another purchase sooner rather than later. Even in the event you don’t see that customer again all year, you can still email them next year to remind them of the points they have yet to redeem.


Members first

Give your loyalty programme members first access to your sales and exclusives over Black Friday, Christmas or New Year’s sales. You could allow members a 'sneak peak' or even early access to reserve the best deals for the first 30 minutes of the sale. This provides that extra touch that make members feel important. 


The spirit of giving

It's the season of giving so why not offer your members rewards in exchange for referring their friends and family. Research shows that millennials are extremely influenced by advice from those they trust, so with this tactic you will be able to foster and grow your loyalty base in 2020.


Seasonal social sharing

Reward your loyalty programme members when they share their seasonal savings. Craft your content with sharing in mind and add a seasonal hashtag to encourage social shares. Be sure to engage with all hashtag users. 


Final words

The holiday season is a great time benefit from extra value from your loyalty programme.

Utilise these strategies to increase new members, offer added value to existing members and collect additional behavioral data to create and harness potential growth over the next 12-months.

If managed properly right now, your brand and loyalty programme will reap the benefits. Reach out to the ENTERTAINER business today. 

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