Feb 4, 2020 2:36:20 PM

Free ENTERTAINER with Winter Wildcards at The Track, Meydan Golf

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A new partnership means that all 60 day + Wildcards will now come with a free download of the ENTERTAINER 2020! To celebrate the partnership, Worldwide Golf are offering readers a chance to win a 60-day Ultimate Entertainer Winter Wildcard.

Worldwide Golf Magazine caught up with The Track, Meydan Golf's General Manager, Tom Rourke, who told them more about our exciting partnership:


Tell us about the new link-up between The Track, Meydan Golf and the ENTERTAINER and how it will benefit local golfers?

Our goal is to create an extraordinary golfing experience through personalized services with an uncompromising attention to detail. With that, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the ENTERTAINER, known for its offers and experiences - an app so innovative, that it permanently altered the landscape of Dubai.

The collaboration between the ENTERTAINER and The Track, Meydan Golf, managed by Troon Golf is the ultimate 360 golf experience.  The complimentary ENTERTAINER 2020 will give our members the best offers on Dining and Entertainment across Dubai as well as fantastic offers at all Meydan food and beverage outlets.


Free ENTERTAINER with Winter Wildcards at The Track, Meydan Golf


It’s a fantastic offer - how did the partnership come about, what benefits does the Entertainer get, and how will Meydan’s various outlets benefit aside from the huge added value that the free download combines?

Some of the ENTERTAINER team are regulars at The Track, Meydan Golf, and they could see many similarities between their brand and ours.  Both brands focus on encouraging Dubai visitors and residents to try new experiences and enjoy the best of Dubai. 

The Track, Meydan Golf is all about making golf accessible with affordable golf in a relaxed environment. We actively encourage people to wear what they feel comfortable in (but keep your stiletto heels at home!) and to enjoy our music in the car park and driving range. You can even connect your phone to the GPS in the ClubCar golf buggy to enjoy your favourite tunes while playing the course. And now, with offers on all the restaurants, it’s the perfect place to unwind and practice!


Free ENTERTAINER with Winter Wildcards at The Track, Meydan Golf


Why in your view, is the Entertainer a good fit for The Track, Meydan Golf? 

Golfers, like everyone, are always looking for the best deal. We offer both the Wildcard, which allows our members to transfer the card to anyone (unnamed) and the ENTERTAINER, which gives our members savings on the best experiences throughout Dubai. 


Free ENTERTAINER with Winter Wildcards at The Track, Meydan Golf


What marks your Wildcards out from traditional golf club memberships? 

The Wildcard at The Track, Meydan Golf is like nothing else I’ve seen on the market. We are proud to provide our members with the benefit of flexibility. Members can purchase a Wildcard for a period of their choosing from 7 days to 6 months for juniors, midweek and even a full seven days with night golf. 

As well as this, Wildcard can be transferred to another person as many times as our member would need - perfect for those with busy schedules!

It’s the first of its kind in the UAE, and now with our ENTERTAINER collaboration, it’s unbeatable!


The Track has had some cool new introductions that benefit players recently – tell us about those?  

Over the last 12 months, we have added many new features to The Track, Meydan Golf.  Our collaboration with eGolf has transformed the driving range with its state-of-the-art Custom Fitting, Club Repairs / Building and Retail outlet on the driving range.  This allows the golfer to try out the market-leading golf clubs for a custom fitting, including getting clubs adjusted and built on-site. 

We have recently introduced the most up-to-date Golf GPS technology to the entire The Track, Meydan Golf fleet of ClubCar golf buggies.  Members can connect their mobile phone to the HD screen and play your favourite songs through the built-in blue tooth speakers. It is inspiring to bring a finesse of craft to The Track, Meydan Golf, and with all of these new added benefits and features, we hope to see you soon!


Free ENTERTAINER with Winter Wildcards at The Track, Meydan Golf


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