Apr 15, 2020 4:00:32 PM

Maintaining Customer Retention During Times of Uncertainty

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Loyalty marketing is essential to cement your market position before demand recovers, and we're busy building a loyalty marketing series to help you navigate this pandemic and provide practical information that you can (and should) implement today.


Maintaining customer retention during times of uncertainty


Prioritizing customer retention right now is essential. 

By focusing on long-term health (and accepting a short-term hit) it's worth considering things like flexible refunds, reducing pricing and removing delivery fees to help your customers through this crisis.

It's time for you to look ahead to the future. Here are some suggestions to help you power customer retention during the current situation:


  • Shift from a growth mindset to a retention mindset (short-term)

Change your communications from persuading the customer to buy to showcasing how they get more value from what they've already bought.


  • Take care of your team

Your employees are crucial to solid customer relationships. Display empathy, flexibility and in-depth business continuity to show your customers that you care about your people.


  • Be flexible where you can and build loyalty for the future

Adapt your standard business practices to match with the current situation to prevent avoidable churn. It could be interest rate freezes, payment plans, top-up of loyalty points, extending membership expiry dates, offering flexible refunds, open tickets, going 100% e-commerce and more. 


What moments in people's lives can you improve via your loyalty and rewards program?

What innovative features can you launch that will give our 'COVID-19-free' future some momentum?

Let your customers know how important they are to you by prioritizing them, and in return, receive their loyalty, trust and retention.

Always remember; we've faced uncertainty in the past, and it will rear its ugly head again in the future.


Learn more about coronavirus (COVID-19) at doh.gov.ae.

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