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An Expert’s Insight On Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement, Customer Loyalty

We sat down with our Head of Client Engagement & B2B Marketing, Karen Cordeiro to gain further insight into what it takes to build a successful customer engagement strategy. Read on to discover her thoughts on the matter.

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What is customer engagement?

Essentially, it’s the emotional connection between a customer and a brand. When analyzing customer engagement levels, the following is taken into consideration:

  • How customer participation occurs?
  • How often does customer participation happen?
  • What is the quality of the relationship between the customer and the business?

While customer engagement can occur through traditional means of communication, it has only recently become more prevalent in the digital age. Thanks to online channels, there is more engagement since the lines of communication have opened up and turned into a two-way street between customers and brands.

Good customer engagement focuses on delivering connected experiences to customers instead of one-off transactions. Businesses that want to increase their customer engagement levels and create a connected feedback loop need to optimize the following:

  • Team structure.
  • Technology.
  • Operations. 

How do we help our clients engage with their customers?

An important part of our services includes producing a strong customer engagement strategy that is customized based on each client’s requirements. Here’s how we do it:

  • By building a genuine connection with customers – this is accomplished by using the right Customer Data Platform (CDP) and marketing technology to analyze customer data and send out personalized, targeted communication.
  • We don’t just look at personas and segments, but also where the customer is within their lifecycle. For example, we check if they just joined (onboarding), are engaged, lapsing and much more!
  • We look at an omnichannel customer experience. This includes researching where the customers are - while most of them are on mobile devices, retail stores, for example, shouldn’t overlook marketing ‘real-estate’ within their stores.
  • We focus on staff training and empowerment to significantly improve customer experience. This in turn leads to higher customer engagement.

What are the benefits of building a customer engagement strategy?

If you have a solid customer engagement strategy in place, then your business is more likely to achieve several positive outcomes, such as:

  • Increased Customer Retention.
  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  • Decreased Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

How can businesses measure their customer engagement?  

In addition to the above, it can be measured based on the following results achieved:

  • Decreased churn.
  • Higher brand advocacy (e.g. Referrals).
  • Higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Why does customer engagement matter?

Customer engagement not only drives your sales up but also places you far ahead of your competitors. You can design a customer engagement model based on the insights you receive, which specifies the types of experiences you want to offer at each point of the customer journey. This will provide you with the insight you need to resolve any current issues and plan future customer engagement actions so that you may reap the rewards of fully engaged, loyal consumers.

Contact one of our experts today to find out how we can help you strengthen your brand by engaging with your customers on a whole new level.


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