May 30, 2021 2:40:34 PM

5 Ways to Enhance Your Customers’ Travel Experience with a Mobile App

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It’s a shame that more airlines don’t connect to passengers via an app of their own. Not just in terms of straightforward customer service (boarding passes, baggage info and the like), but also as a solution for driving revenues. Apps aren’t just a clever marketing tool for sharing news and special offers. The perfect customised platform can go much farther beyond that.


For example, it can allow airlines a deeper kind of engagement with customers, increasing loyalty and eventually adding new profit. Simply put, it is a way for airlines to play an even more essential role in how their customers travel, creating a relationship that doesn’t start and end at the airport but continues on throughout the in-destination experience.


Mobile is destined to revolutionize the travel industry. Creating an inclusive, all-in-one app is a prospect for the cutting edge. Here are a few ideas how passengers’ could benefit (and airlines too) from such a mobile app:


  1. Planning sightseeing


So much to do, so little time. We’ve all felt the crunch on holiday of trying to do it all. Why not help travelers with a day planner? Bucket lists can go to the next level with an app allowing users to pin points of interest – sights, attractions, whatever they like – onto an interactive map. It is a simple yet effective component.


  1. Navigation


Speaking of maps, that same app can become a travel expert, with a city guide, tips and useful advice. Combined with seamless accessibility and a user-friendly interface, such a platform presents the opportunity of becoming a one-stop source for everything in-destination – especially if all those perks are available offline.


  1. Savings vouchers from partners


Customers love deals, and including vouchers for spas, restaurants and more can greatly enrich their vacation. They’ll also be thankful for a curated selection of locales eliminating time-consuming research. One step further: if airlines would also allow passengers the chance to redeem points for such benefits (see below number 5).


  1. Tours, attractions and activities booking


According to new research from Phocuswright, tours and attractions is a market about to explode. Outfitting an app with a search and reservations engine is an apt solution for boosting visibility and creating a new revenue stream. Even slicker? Again, if customers could use loyalty points for free or discounted adventures (see below number 5).


  1. Let customers use loyalty points


Airlines already have loyalty programs in place (and these days, people are becoming more dissatisfied with them). Puttign it all on an app is, with the above advantages, could be just what customers are craving. After all, millennials aren’t interested in pinching points for big rewards, they want to use them swiftly on cool experiences and exciting activities.


Overall airlines could be motivating passengers with much more offer, especially in-destination. Creating a mobile platform is a chance to connect to people in a new unique way: through travel moments they will fondly remember.

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